"Kick Ass." ~ Sean Kelly, The Samples

"Just found you today and I'm in love. Thanks for a great smorgasbord of sounds." ~ Nicole, The Seattle Times

"I can't believe I am just finding your station. It's an unbelievable music selection. I can't stop listening." ~ Ed, Andover, CT

"You are my new personal heroes!" ~ Andrew, Dallas, TX

"YIKES!!! Can I come work for you guys when I get fired for listening to Onion River Radio all day? Boy am I glad this station exists!!!" ~ Roz, New York, NY

"I'm a regular listener at work. My son is a regular listener in North Attleboro, MA. Keep up the great work." ~ Gerry, Berlin, VT

"Had to give feedback on this station...found it one day at work when I upgraded Windows Media Player, and now I listen every day. Definitely my taste in tunes!" ~ Carol, Cocoa Beach, FL

"This is by far the best station ever created! I'm lovin' every minute!" ~ Jason, Chicago, IL

"Love the station, really nice blend. Keep it up." ~ Richard, East Fallowfield, PA

"I just found your station today--absolutely fantastic! What a mix of great selections. I am enjoying it thoroughly. Please don't ever stop!" ~ Claire, Yardville, NJ

"Finally a station that plays great music all the time. I have yet to hear a song that I don't like. Don't ever change." ~ Casey, Yarmouth, ME

"Yummy stuff! Brings the East and West Coast together. I might just move to Vermont." ~ Sharon, Elk Grove, CA

"I've been listening to music for 35 years and your station is without a doubt THE BEST!!! All the songs are great and I don't know what else to say except rock on!!!" ~ Charles, Charleston, SC

"I am a law student at Georgetown. Onion River Radio is a great thing. It reminds me of good times at Mad River Glen and The Barn in Waitsfield. Thank you for sharing that Vermont spirit on the airwaves." ~ Arthur, Washington, DC

"I have been trying to find an area station that I can listen to while on my computer. Thanks so much." ~ Marie, Northfield, VT

"I love you guys! I have been playing you daily! Keep it up!!!!!!" ~ Kevin, Biloxi, MS

"We work in a fairly big open office area. We have been trying to sync our computers to Onion River Radio. Your station is awesome, great tunes, thanks!" ~ Sean, Portsmouth, NH

"I've been listening for a few weeks. Terrific selections!! Thanks very much." ~ Mark, Highlands Ranch, CO

"Hello Onion River Radio. You guys make tears come to my eyes!! Great tunes man the best mix in the USA. Please keep up the great work and thanks, thanks very, very much." ~ Robert, Titusville, PA

"I just want to thank everyone involved with your station. Onion River Radio is one of the highlights at our weekend get-togethers. Keep up the good work!" ~ Joanne, Bradenton, FL

"I am a devoted listener. As I listen to Onion River Radio now I am moved to give you a big thank you for your music programming." ~ Paul, Lafayette, LA

"Can't stop listen Onion River Radio! Amigos in Vermont, Gracias amigos from Vermont for the daily doses of Great Music!" ~ Jorge, West New York, NJ

"I am a production analyst that was just laid-off. I may not be able to eat or pay my rent, but your music is free. Made my day as nothing else has...may we find a way through all this madness." ~ Bill, Rockford, IL

"Just tuned in and will NOT be searching for great music anymore!!! However, you do make me a little homesick. Keep up the great work." ~ John, Orlando, FL

"Wow. Just discovered your station. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I love your station and I'm going to tell everyone I know. Way to Go. LONG LIVE FREEDOM OF CHOICE! You give me faith and hope that there is a place for good music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~ Rochelle, Stowe, VT

"If this station is really uniquely Vermont then I'm really going to stop threatening and one day move to Vermont because everything tells me that it really is the coolest state ever. Thanks for making my endless hours programming a lot more enjoyable." ~ Sonya, Maui, HI

"Hi Onion River Radio! THANK the GODs, and YOU! for your online, eclectic access to many most excellent tunes!" ~ Carol, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

"Great music, whoever picks your music to play give them a raise. Love it." ~ Charlie, Middle Haddam, CT

"Yippee! I finally found a radio station I can call my own! I love you!" ~ Stephanie, Los Angeles, CA

"Keep on doing what you guys are doing. Go Onion River Radio." ~ Jerry, Little Rock, AR

"Just wanted you to know that I stumbled across your station and thoroughly enjoy it! You guys are all that...AND a bag of chips!" ~ Bill, Palmyra, NJ

"Just found Onion River Radio a day ago, and I now listen to nothing else! It is the best! Thank you for producing such a quality broadcast!" ~ Mark, Whitefish, MT

"I wanted to thank you for helping make our work environment so much more enjoyable! Your station is awesome! Living in a small mountain community we're starved for a lot of of which is good music. Not anymore! Thank you!" ~ Kathi, Frisco, CO

"Thank you! Programming is great!" ~ Leslie, Baltimore, MD

"I just discovered your station and I can already tell I am going to be listening to you a lot. Great quality mix of music! Music seems to matter here. And I don't have to listen to the same songs over and over again." ~ Ed, Essex Junction, VT

"I finally found a station that my co-workers and I can listen to and not complain. Don't change a thing. You brighten our day!!! Thank You!" ~ Pam, San Marcos, TX

"I just discovered the station and am thoroughly enjoying it! What a refreshing and entertaining lineup you play!" ~ Martha, Stamford, CT

"Thank you for the flow of obscure toe tappers." ~ Steve, Wells, NV

"As a native Vermonter working in Washington, to discover that my new favorite radio station hails from Vermont came as no surprise. Thanks for playing such a diverse mix of music; and keeping me in touch with VT!" ~ Kristen, Washington, DC

"I work out of a home office and until I found Onion River Radio I was bored out of my skull. Now I look forward to sitting down if front of my computer because your music selection. I even find myself returning to the office after hours just to listen." ~ Larry, Salisbury, NC

"I live in Danvers, Mass., nicknamed onion know, I don't even know why. Work in Boston, have driven to Burlington, VT a few times, skied Mt. Snow once. First day on the Onion River Radio express via the Internet. Like it just fine." ~ Mark, Danvers, MA

"Vermont's great exports: Ben & Jerry's and Onion River Radio. Rock on!" ~ Dave, Indianapolis, IN

"I have been looking for a station to keep on during the workday. You are very very good, I enjoy your programming, and think you have it on the money!! Keep it rolling, doing a great job." ~ Mark, Oak Ridge, TN

"After checking out hundreds of Net and AM/FM radio formats, sound quality, advertising, public service, blah blah blah...Onion River Radio is all the radio I need. I really mean that." ~ James, Salem, OR

"Thanks for the great music! I just figured out how to listen to music on the net and I love your format. Keep up the tunes." ~ Janet, Superior, MT

"I'm a first time listener and really enjoy your station." ~ Stephanie, Manhattan, NY

"I just found you a few days ago and I am totally impressed. Excellent work!" ~ Duane, Rossville, GA

"Great selection of music. I also passed the station on to my friend in Virginia. We both grew up in Montpelier." ~ Jim, Stowe, VT

"Thanks for making my workday go faster! Thanks also for the Johnny Cash tribute. My dad introduced me to him when I was little and I will always love his music! I am sooo glad I found you!" ~ Amy, Avon, OH

"I found your station about six months ago and now it's my constant work companion. I work at North Carolina State University and this station is even cool enough for all the students that come in and out of my office. Thanks and keep doing what you're doing!" ~ Charisse, Raleigh, NC

"The entire office enjoys the music." ~ Mary, Mission Viejo, CA

"A faithful listener and promoter of Onion River Radio." ~ Gary, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"The music you play is soooo terrific. Loving the opportunity to hear you at work." ~ J.B., East Providence, RI

"This radio station eases my homesickness. I'm glad there is a piece of Vermont that greets me at work every day." ~ Jesica, Wilmington, NC

"Just found your station and all I can say is thank you." ~ Tyler, Montesano, WA

"I've been looking for a good Internet station for years and just found you. Now I'm addicted to your station." ~ Jim, Round Rock, TX

"I love your radio station! I listen to it at work and boy what a difference it makes in my day." ~ Vicki, Williston, VT

"Found the station about a week ago while playing on the Internet. Great mix of music. Gotta love it!!!" ~ Rob, Omaha, NE

"Thank you so much for helping me make it thru the workday. Trapped, strapped to a computer for 8-9 hours…you keep me sane. Thanks so much." ~ Janet, Marin, CA

"Found your station yesterday. Excellent selection...Keep up the good work!" ~ Gus, Haverhill, MA

"Your music selection is the greatest. I keep coming back for more! Keep on keepin' on!" ~ Jacki, Fayetteville, AR

"Yo Yo Yo, Comin' to you all from the Great Plains of the Midwest! Kansas City, the Heartland of America. You're my favorite station in the country! Your variety of music is TRULY AWESOME!!! We're HOOKED." ~ Daniel, Kansas City, MO

"You've made my workday bearable!! Great music, fantastically presented!" ~ April, Farmington, MO

"I'm still trying to figure out this computer and all of a sudden it gives me you! My first real station that has that good-time smile sound!" ~ Debi, Portland, ME

"In all of my time surfing the web I have never heard anything like Onion River Radio. Thank you from the bottom of my Midwestern heart. P.S. Fly-over land likes to rock too!!!" ~ Cliff, Davenport, IA

"I've been listening for about 6 months and haven't turned it off yet! Keep up the great work and the great music!" ~ Jason, Chicago, IL

"How refreshing to find a station I can listen to all day. Most of the artists you play I have never heard of, but their music is great. Thank you for your format and choice of songs." ~ Bob, Fairhope, AL

"Onion River Radio, I'm so glad I found you." ~ J.K., Cheyenne, WY

"I love your radio station, listen to it all the time." ~ Tony, North Hollywood, CA

"I look forward to getting to the office to fire up Onion River Radio. Keep up the great sound and thanks." ~ Steve, Fairfield, CT

"Wow! What a nice discovery I have made today!" ~ Linda, Tulsa, OK

"I love it. Thanks." ~ Ed, Barre, VT

"I love this station! I will listen to it at work and at home! The selection of music is PERFECT! Thank you so much!" ~ Renee, Beltsville, MD

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thanks for putting a bit of the Green Mountain State online. I've lived here in the Flathead Valley for over ten years. Hi to all my pals still in the Kingdom." ~ Dave, Whitefish, MT

"The eclectic, yet tasteful blend of music presented by the good folks at Onion River Radio soothes the monkeys that live in my head." ~ Adam, Fort Worth, TX

"So I'm plugging away at my stupid office job and I NEED music. Good music. So I think ah the Internet. Ok, I searched, and searched, and nothing was just right. Finally you guys pop up and you've been getting me through this muggy, cloudy, city day. Thanks for the breath of fresh air." ~ Hilary, New York, NY

"Rocking along with you in North Carolina. Thanks for the great music." ~ Dick, Mount Airy, NC

"I truly enjoy listening to your station. You add a little bit of heaven to an otherwise crazy day!" ~ Sally, Bowling Green, OH

"I moved to San Diego last year and found you last week! Great blend of music and it reconnects me to the green mountains! Thanx." ~ Patrick, San Diego, CA

"What took me so long to find you? After you, what else? YOU DA BEST! Much aloha." ~ Manu, Ewa Beach, HI

"We became friends with an ex-Vermonter while living outside Portland. A couple years ago we moved to Vermont, and today we found out about Onion River Radio from our Oregon friend. We have come full circle! Thanks!" ~ Rob, Montpelier, VT

"I have been listening to a station in Philadelphia, but have been dismayed by the inconsistency of the online feed. Yours is more consistent and your music selection is equally as good, which is a high compliment. Keep up the good work!" ~ Robert, Harrisburg, PA

"Love the station, been listening for years. Thanks." ~ Rad, Chicago, IL

"Data Entry is much more tolerable with you guys on the Net. You make me want to move to Vermont!" ~ Donna, Sacramento, CA

"I do not know who programs your music but it is fantastic. It is refreshing and I hate to go home at the end of the day because I have to turn off my computer." ~ Melissa, Spanish Fort, AL

"I love this station! I listen to it every day at work!" ~ Carla, Washington, DC

"I work at Dartmouth College in a technical department. I love to listen to this when I am sitting at a computer from time to time. So glad I found you! Finally someone did it right!" ~ Robin, Hanover, NH

"As big as the radio market is here in LA, it has been impossible to find the right mix of songs without the overkill. Thank you." ~ Suzanne, Los Angeles, CA

"We are all rocking to Onion River Radio up here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. School never was this much fun when I was a kid!" ~ Barbara, Truckee, CA

"From artists I know well to others I have never heard of before. I love it. And not the same songs that you hear 100 times a day on other stations. I have to listen every day!!!" ~ Scot, Valparaiso, IN

"Hi Onion River Radio, I discovered you just today. Have much enjoyed listening. Thanks for being available to us!" ~ Joe, Raleigh, NC

"Heard your station up in Chazy, NY while vacationing and now I listen to it at work and home. Lacking of good music here. Thanks." ~ Cindy, Naples, FL

"What a great station! I can't begin to tell you what kind of joy it has added to my workday! Thanks." ~ Lindsay, Buffalo, NY

"Just to let you know that there are lots of us from the Last Frontier that love listening while we're slaving away at work. Radio stations are sparse in these parts and we appreciate all we can get! Thanks for the tunes!" ~ Jen, Homer, AK

"I recently opened my own office and I quickly discovered that the silence that comes with working alone desperately needed to be abated. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that what I was looking for was in my own backyard, so to speak. Each tune is better than the last." ~ Darby, Manchester, VT

"Perfect is falling into Onion River Radio. The best station I have found in years. Thanks so much! Now am spending quality time on the computer!" ~ Sharon, Carlsbad, CA

"Great station! Found you by accident and am glad I did. Keep it up!" ~ Tony, Lake Wylie, SC

"I've been listening to this station all week and have yet to hear a song played more than once. That is an experience I've never had with the Chicago radio stations. Keep up the great work!" ~ Kate, Chicago, IL

"Thank you for the great music. When you work from a home office and are alone most of the time you can spend a lot of time finding good radio to keep you company. I've found my audio home." ~ Stephen, North Brookfield, MA

"I used to live in Vermont. Listened then, and am happy to listen now as I swelter in the desert heat." ~ Tinker, Tucson, AZ

"Your programming is wonderful. You play songs that I forgot I loved, and non-singles of current popular artists that are far better than their so-called hits. I think I'll be buying myself an Onion River Radio T-shirt for my birthday." ~ Lauren, Silver Spring, MD

"I'm so glad I found you!! The eclectic mix of tunes keeps my mind at peace and feeling relaxed. Your playlist is such a pure reflection of my personality and I love it!!" ~ Kris, Deltona, FL

"When people ask me to recommend an online music source, Onion River Radio is the first and only source that comes to mind." ~ Wayne, Los Angeles, CA

"Like your station! Keep up the good work!" ~ Jeff, Bristol, VT

"Thanks! Makes the late night work sessions fly by with great music." ~ Phil, Eagan, MN

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the most wonderful Internet radio I have found. I listen to your station ALL day and it is just the best ever. So from the bottom of my heart, Merci Bien." ~ Anita, Denver, CO

"I just wanted to let you know that your music selection is great. The program director is to be highly complimented." ~ Bill, Orlando, FL

"I'm another southern Californian who's grown tired of all the repetition and commercials on local radio. I've been listening all weekend. Thank you." ~ Hector, San Bernardino, CA

"Excellent work on the sounds. You have a very good mix. It's good quality time. Thanks so much." ~ Rod, Lake Land, FL

"I am so thrilled to have found this station! Every day gets better and better! Keep it coming!" ~ Chandra, Vernon, CT

"I finally found an online radio station that I can enjoy both at work and at home, and it's actually in my home state! Keep the music and the mood flowing. You've got a captive audience!" ~ Rick, Roseville, MI

"I have been listening for only a few days, but it is clear that I have finally found THE station. It is so hard to find a station with truly eclectic tastes. Keep up the great work." ~ Jeff, Silver Spring, MD

"You all do such a great job with the music selection. I probably listen about 50 hours a week!" ~ Carrie, Bedford, TX

"Listen all the time." ~ Dennis, Fairview, MT

"It's great having your company, love the selections. Thanks." ~ Eric, Stamford, CT

"Thanks this is truly the greatest station I've ever found, now I've stopped looking!" ~ Fritz, Pittsburgh, PA

"I really love your mix. You play good music, no matter where it comes from and who plays it. Never gets boring! Thank you!" ~ Kathrin, Middlebury, VT

"Thank the Great Spirit that I finally found a recklessly independent radio station. Incredible!" ~ Wendy, Novato, CA

"Super Station! Found you accidentally. Great variety for a change. Thanks!" ~ Fred, Tallahassee, FL

"Finally a radio station I can listen to. I am spreading the good word on what a great mix you guys play. Thanks!" ~ Jeff, Raleigh, NC

"You've found a way to play my personal favorite artists even though you have no idea who I am. Keep it up!" ~ Lynne, Indianapolis, IN

"What can I say? Since I've been listening to Onion River Radio, my work productivity is up, I am more cheerful, and my acne has disappeared completely!!! Keep it going." ~ Will, Hartford, CT

"Woo Hoo!!! You guys are the best!" ~ Carrie, Hurst, TX

"Love Onion River Radio. Listen all day at work." ~ Kathy, Columbia, SC

"Just tuned in this week on my computer. Great music selection and I'm hooked." ~ Fon, New Orleans, LA

"I'm hooked! Don't want to listen to any other station. I would like to meet the people who program the music, they must be my soul mates, musically speaking. Makes me want to visit Vermont." ~ Terry, Bandera, TX

"Finally, people who think outside the box in charge of a radio station. Radio should not only be about listening to what we like, but about getting turned on to new artists and music. Keep up the great work." ~ Scot, Michigan City, IN

"This station is great! I can't thank u enough, been listening at work." ~ Eric, Wayne, NJ

"Greetings! I love your station. It was like finding a gold nugget! Keep up the good work." ~ Pete, Orlando, FL

"Your music is great, thanks a lot." ~ Peter, University Park, MD

"We sold our home at Sugarbush last fall and now make Florida our home. Onion River Radio is a great way to stay in touch. Thanks for being there." ~ Howard, Homosassa, FL

"You guys keep reading my mind. It's a perfect music selection." ~ Sharona, Chicago, IL

"Since finding Onion River Radio we have kept it playing in our home almost constantly. Can't beat it! Thanks for good listening." ~ Neil & Gwen, Cambridge, MN

"Good job, keep it coming. I listen at work all day." ~ Sandie, Portland, ME

"Great radio listening at work, home or anywhere. You guys have great taste in music." ~ Nancy, Keyser, WV

"Onion River Radio is the best stream on the web. Thanks for being unique, separate from the crowd, better than the best and online!" ~ W.C., Dallas, TX

"Love your variety and the pioneering music. Fresh music again -- nothing that can be found on any of the conglomerate radio stations. Thanks for resuscitating my musical enthusiasm." ~ David, Phoenix, AZ

"Love your station! Let the good tunes roll...on and on and on." ~ Tim, Delaware, OH

"You guys rock my day every day and I am a better person because of it! I have always listened to net stations. You guys are the best. And by far!" ~ Jay, West Brattleboro, VT

"I just found you guys last week and you are all I have listened to ever since. You are so much better than anything on the air in California, I can't begin to tell you." ~ T.K., San Francisco, CA

"Thanks for making me feel like I am living back in VT every day!!!” ~ Ryan, Portsmouth, NH

"Really like your station. Just started listening. Thanks again for the interesting music." ~ Braj, Atlanta, GA

"This is the best station. I had to go out and purchase some CDs so I can listen to some of the music that you play on your station. Keep up the great tunes." ~ Ed, Sarasota, FL

"As a former Vermonter now living in NC I have to let you know that I miss VT and that I enjoy listening to your station." ~ Ellen, Raleigh, NC

"Thanks for making my workday go faster out here in Montana!" ~ Dan, Billings, MT

"You just keep playing THE BEST music! Just wanted you to know that Onion River Radio is playing on 5 computers in the office. This is an office of 7. Thanks!" ~ Colleen, Yardville, NJ

"If it comes out of the Green Mountains, it's gotta be good. Great mix of tunes, you guys are the best! Is there any way you guys could pack a three-pound block of Cabot Extra-Sharp Cheddar into my streaming audio??" ~ Bert, Carson City, NV

"I listen all day at work. You play some very un-top 40 tunes, which agrees with me. THANKS!" ~ Ruth, Memphis, TN

"Recently, leaving Central Vermont brought a tear to our eye. Your station captures the flavor of our time in the Green Mountains. Thanks!" ~ Jeff, Salt Lake City, UT

"I came across your station by accident. Best accident I ever had. I Love it!" ~ Don, Cincinnati, OH

"Really love your station!" ~ Jeane, Rockwell, NC

"Your station's variety is wonderful. I enjoy all the music that I don't hear where I live. It's all new to me. Thank you." ~ Teena, Fort Wayne, IN

"Thank you to everyone at Onion River Radio for a station that is dynamic and eclectic. Please don't go anywhere, I couldn't bear the loss." ~ Larry, Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I'm going to add to my favorites list." ~ Willy, Kailua Kona, HI

"I just started my own business at home and discovered your radio station. I love it. I'll be listening to you whenever I'm working or playing on my computer. Thanks for the great selection of music!!" ~ Gar, Chandler, AZ

"My sister in Austin just turned me on to Onion River Radio. We don't have any stations that play the kind of music you do. Please keep up the good work!" ~ Melissa, Keller, TX

"It is NO CONTEST. Your intelligent mix of music is easily the best on the web. I can't tell enough friends about it. Long may you wave." ~ Bob, Burlington, CT

"I figured a Vermont station might play towards my modern rock, slightly granola, songwriter leanings. It really is a great station free from bubble gum pop and overplayed classics." ~ Diane, Los Angeles, CA

"Just have to say that I'm really enjoying your program. I'm at work, and listening while doing my projects." ~ Steve, Bellevue, WA

"Went to VTC, grew up in Essex Junction. Funny, a neighbor of mine out here moved to Montpelier last year. Thanks for being on the Net!!" ~ Tim, Portland, OR

"Keep up the good work and I'll continue to smile as I pour my maple syrup...Thanks!" ~ Bill, Hackettstown, NJ

"Onion River Radio Rocks! Another great reason to love Vermont." ~ Mindy, Strafford, VT

"I just found your station and will be listening ALL the time now. Thanks for sharing it on the net." ~ John, Juneau, AK

"I just have to say that your radio station is a breath of fresh airwaves. Thank you." ~ Roger, Deerfield, IL

"Wow! I love your selections." ~ Donna, Providence, RI

"I like your selections with uncommon musicians as well as unknown songs by popular artists. Thanks for a great program. I can only pick you up on my computer at work. I may have to get one for home just to be able to listen to Onion River Radio!! Stay warm." ~ Bob, Fairhope, AL

"Just found your station and really enjoy the great variety of music." ~ Ken, Richmond, VA

"I just found this radio station on my desktop at work and decided to give it a try. Some of the best things in life are surprises. Great music." ~ Jerry, Azusa, CA

"Love your station! Thanks for helping to keep me connected to my home." ~ Debra, Las Vegas, NV

"Thank you for a great station that surprises me every time I tune in. Peace." ~ John, Boston, MA

"I've just recently tuned in at work and want to let you know that I really enjoy your radio station. Keep warm." ~ Denise, Cleveland, OH

"I've been listening to Onion River Radio for about a year and half. The song selections are extraordinary." ~ Steve, Thornton, CO

"What a great station! Song selections from y'all are awesome. Keep up the great work." ~ Mike, Fayetteville, NC

"Great station. Love the change from the normal stations. Cheers." ~ Clay, Matthews, NC

"I'll come home and put you guys on for hours. It's great that you go deep into an artist's portfolio with other than just A-cuts." ~ Allan, Tampa Bay, FL

"Thank you for all the variety of your music. Was born in Vermont and it feels good to be to speak." ~ Tammy, San Francisco, CA

"I just discovered your station and really appreciate being able to listen at work." ~ Franklin, Cheraw, SC

"Onion River Radio plays a wonderful selection of musical genres that mirror my taste in music. Some of the best music I hear comes from you folks." ~ Rob, Union, NJ

"What a pleasure it is to find your radio station. Nice mix of great tunes." ~ Jan, Toutle, WA

"Just found you yesterday. The music is terrific, extraordinary, marvelous, magnificent, and powerful. I thought real music had died. Thank you." ~ Barbara, Orlando, FL

"Onion River Radio is as close to freeform radio as I've ever heard. Excellent find!" ~ Alan, Milwaukee, WI

"I'm a lifelong musician with a wide variety of musical tastes. Your programming satisfies almost every R&B inclination I have. Thanks." ~ Scott, York, PA

"Bought a new computer with great speakers and left them in the box. Found Onion River Radio and speakers are out now and ON! Keep it up! You're bookmarked!" ~ Mark, Houston, TX

"You guys are the best! We can't believe that every selection is like it was from our own favorites list! Keep up the great music selection." ~ Jim & Jane, Dallas, TX

"I just recently discovered the station. I have you on all the time. Can't go a single day without Onion River Radio." ~ Stanley, Ocala, FL

"I have recently discovered Onion River Radio and now I listen every day. WOW!! I will be connecting my home stereo to the PC this weekend. Did I Say WOW!!!" ~ Linc, Ocala, FL

"I love my Onion River Radio. It's hard to get through the workday without it!" ~ Bethany, Acton, MA

"I listen every day at work and you make my day HAPPY! Thanks." ~ Steve, Richardson, TX

"Connected to your station on my laptop and love it. I'm on a dialup connection and it's coming thru perfect!!!" ~ Laura, Plantation, FL

"Great Station!!!!!" ~ Mike, LaPorte, IN

"A 30 mile scooter ride to work, 10 hours driving a big truck, 30 miles back again, grab a snack, then click on Onion River Radio. Life is good!!" ~ Tony, La Puente, CA

"I am a first time listener. WOW, this is nice, what a mix of artists!!!! I already put you in my favorites." ~ Timothy, Irwin, PA

"I gave up listening to Radio for years and then I found Onion River Radio! Brings me right back to the Renaissance Period of the Sixties. Listen to it all day at work and when I get home. It Don't Get No Better Than This!" ~ Storm'n, Dudley, MA

"I'm down here in the Sunshine State. Your station is the VERY BEST." ~ Dan, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Your mix of eclectic rock is Terrific! Finally, a radio station with variety." ~ Peter, Boulder, CO

"My three decades of radio listening experience tell the truth, YOU WON'T FIND BETTER than Onion River Radio!" ~ Tom, Houston, TX

"Found y'all on the Internet a couple of months ago and haven't listened to anything else since!" ~ Mona, Beaumont, TX

"I live up by the Canadian border. Onion River Radio plays great stuff." ~ Dalea, Anacortes, WA

"I just discovered your station and am enjoying it immensely!" ~ Mary, New York, NY

"I'm in a basement under a building and can get NO radio stations. What a treat to hear yours! Great music; the best station I've come across!" ~ Alexandra, San Francisco, CA

"Awesome listening while fighting crime from a desk! I have other injured Police Officers jamming the station. Onion River Radio is the BEST!" ~ Geddy, Richmond, VA

"I found your station and it's awesome. I must be a northerner at heart." ~ Honeybee, Huntsville, AL

"Thanks for making my cubicle a much more exciting place to work. I keep your station on all day." ~ Lindsay, Washington, DC

"Your selection is really outstanding, what I would play if I were at home." ~ Jeff, Atlanta, GA

"I listen to your music over the Internet daily during my work week. You guys are doing an excellent job!" ~ Greg, Canton, MA

"I started listening because I'm originally from the northeast. Now I listen because you're the best and I love the music you play." ~ Elaine, San Diego, CA

"Listening to you over here in Chicago and loving it. Keep up the great work!!!!" ~ Tony, Roselle, IL

"Onion River Radio is our connection to the soul of Vermont." ~ Bill, Dallas, TX

"I am very pleased to hear good music once again coming out of Vermont. Cheers." ~ Mike, Burlington, VT

"Great station! Excellent music selection." ~ John, Olympia, WA

"I've got to hand it to you. I love the station. Thanks!" ~ Bob, Manchester, NH

"Hey guys! I'm out here on the West Coast. You're the best radio station I have found!" ~ Chris, Lakeport, CA

"I have enjoyed your station so much the past couple of weeks and plan to listen for a long time. Thanks!" ~ Ivy, Charlotte, NC

"It's nice to have this kind of music to listen to at work." ~ Anne, Bend, OR

"Great Music. Love pulling you in on my computer." ~ Robert, Ashland, OR

"I have listened for over 6 months (might be closer to 8). Onion River Radio has the best selection of music. Thank you, thank you for being there!" ~ Reid, Denver, CO

"Good stuff, very good stuff!!!" ~ D.J., Bristol, CT

"When my workload is conducive to alternative, Onion River Radio is my first and only choice. It's a great station!" ~ Lynn, Columbus, OH

"I listen to you every day at work. I am on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies. I love your station!" ~ Peg, Grand Junction, CO

"I've looked online everywhere for the right mix of music. I found it at Onion River Radio!!" ~ Garth, Harrisburg, PA

"I finally found a radio station I love! Thanks!" ~ Liz, Monterey, CA

"Since I can't move to Vermont (yet!), this is the next best thing. Thanks for Onion River Radio. It's great!!!" ~ Amy, Baldwinsville, NY

"I love the radio station. You make my workdays." ~ Jena, Canon City, CO

"Your station is a fantastic station to listen to." ~ Johnny, Edmond, OK

"Keep up the great music and thanks for being there to get me through my nights!" ~ Celest, Colorado Springs, CO

"Love listening to your station. Kudos!" ~ Kirk, Scottsdale, AZ

"Here in Houston it's all about C&W. Your station rocks." ~ Ed, Houston, TX

"Great tunes, good work. It soothes my mind while waiting for the tornado alerts." ~ Dennis, Oklahoma City, OK

"Great station, really. Enjoy your music selection." ~ Peter, Peterborough, NH

"I discovered Onion River Radio last week, and I enjoy it a lot." ~ Don, Brighton, MI

"Where have you been all my life? I gave up on the radio years ago but I am addicted to this station." ~ Colleen, Columbus, OH

"Just a quick note to say that I really enjoy your mix of music. I haven't found anything else like it on the web." ~ Gary, Portland, OR

"I am thrilled that I've found your station. The music you play is fantastic and I listen all day at work." ~ Rob, Concord, CA

"You guys just might be the coolest station online." ~ W.C., Dallas, TX

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your station. I listen all day at work." ~ Bernadette, Hartford, CT

"One more reason Vermont is so special! Thank you very much." ~ Peter, Middlebury, VT

"What a breath of fresh air!" ~ John, Decatur, GA

"Onion River Radio is the best mix of genres I have ever found on the radio. You are the soundtrack to my office." ~ Steve, Long Beach, CA

"I've just recently discovered your channel and I love it!" ~ J.B., Edina, MN

"Music sounds good so far." ~ Russell, Rome, NY

"You've been bookmarked. I'll be listening daily from now on!" ~ Kelly, Bethel, AK

"Onion River Radio has a great selection of music. Pleeeease don't change the format." ~ J.R., San Francisco, CA

"I want to thank you for all you have done to help save Internet radio. The service you have provided us listeners is so appreciated and I look forward to years of great programming in the future. Keep up everything you do, you guys are the best. Onion River Radio fan." ~ Joe, Omaha, NE



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